Dataview how to remove total number of tasks on the title

Hi everyone, I really enjoyed Obsidian as my productivity tools!
However, I have a problem which is quite rare since I use Obsidian.

Things I have tried

I am trying to list all my task list from all the files inside the vault except 1 folder. I worked out just fine, but there is a number appeared which I don`t know how to remove it.

task from -"Day Planners"
where !completed
group by

What I’m trying to do


As you see from the image above, there is number “7”, indicating the total number of tasks which I never wanted it to be there. Any ideas where the number come from? Any idea how to remove it?

Thank you, my fellow Obsidian users.

There’s something weird with your theme.
The number is a built-in dataview feature, but in your case there’s some conflict with the theme. The normal output in default theme is something like this (a small number inside brackets):

In DQL queries the only way to remove it is via css snippet

.dataview.small-text {
  display: none;

I see, it appears with bracket in my phone as you showed.
Thank you for the snippet, it works!

Have a nice day, cheers!

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