Dataview - how to force refresh


I find Dataview to be really useful. I’ve noticed that sometimes it’s result are out of date, like they’re actually reading from a cached result, somewhere up the dependency chain.

Going between edit mode and preview mode doesn’t seem to help. Sometimes changing one of the files that are within the query criteria helps (but not always). Changing the query and then changing it back seems to be more reliable.

Are there any tips from the community to diagnose and/or ensure I can force a refresh of the query, or a re-index of whatever it is working from?

No criticism of Dataview, I’m massively appreciative of what it provides and how useful it is to my day to day activity in Obsidian.


In obsidian settings → plugin options → Dataview, you can set refresh interval in milliseconds which by default is 5 seconds. Try lowering this parameter to get more responsiveness to changes.

it is more an issue of rebuilding indexes. I lose all my tables sometimes. I only get them back when I change a code to an incorrect one and get an error and fix it back. I think a option to rebuild all of them can solve that and many other issues like that


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