Dataview: How do I show only a property among many under the same field?

What I’m trying to do

Hello everyone. I have a set of notes that, among the various fields in the properties section, have one that has multiple values.


field 1: a
field 2: b
field 3: c, d, e

What I want to do, with dataview, is to show a Table that shows me only the C value of field 3, and not all three at once.

Things I have tried

I tried following various online guides, but none were suitable for my problem.

Your field 3 here is an array so you can refer to the first one as field 3 [0]. This, however would break because you have a space in the key of the field. So you have to use the row[""] syntax like so,

TABLE row["field 3"][0]
WHERE row["field 3"]

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