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What I’m trying to do

It seems that something has changed with the Dataview plugin. (I looked at the documentation, but did not closely look at the Javascript part since I don’t know JS very well /which is already an overstatement/ so not sure if it has anything to do with that.)

Here is how I usually use Dataview.
My notes have some inline fields on the bottom: e.g.,

area:: abc
type:: def
author:: xyz
title:: vwx
date:: 2021-06-04
tags:: #a, #b, #etc.

I used to generate dataview queries in the following way:

table author as Author, title as Title
where type = "def"
sort date asc

Or such. And it used to work; I am sure of it.

Now, it does not. Nothing has changed (except I’m using the latest Obsidian and Dataview plugin, and I think they both updated recently).
Dataview returns 0 results.

If I put the same data in the frontmatter YAML, it does work.

What is weird: if the same data is BOTH in the frontmatter YAML and at the end of the file as inline, then it again does not work.

So, question: has anyone experienced this? Has the inline syntax or something changed?
I could of course start using YAML instead, but was trying to avoid it because find the inline syntax more flexible. (Plus, I have a lot of files that will need to be rewritten if there’s no other solution.)

I have experimented with this in various files (changing file name, the name of the fields, etc.), but really the only way it is working for me now is if the values are in the YAML.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Never mind. Updated the dataview plugin, restarted Obsidian, and it is working again.

Still weird behavior – not sure what caused it.

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