Dataview group metadata by header

What I’m trying to do

I want to query a bunch of metadata fields grouped by header just like eqch header wqs a separate file using dataview and display that as a table.
I’m affraid this is not currently doable with current version of dataview and I may need to open this (or upvote) as a feature request, but I wanted to ask first

Things I have tried

As a workaround I’ve tried to add a single item list to each section, and then flatten lists and map there, but this is tedious and ugly. It also forces me to,use the inline syntax, which is more tedious to type

      map(rows.L, (L) => L.price) as Price,
      rows.F_subpath, as Place

FROM "Projects/La compañía del anillo/Paseos en globo"
FLATTEN file.lists AS L
FLATTEN meta(L.header).subpath AS F_subpath
FLATTEN meta(L.header).type AS F_type

WHERE F_type = "header" AND L.price
GROUP BY L.header

Also, there is an annoying issue. This cokumn rows.F_subpath, only renders properly if I don’t add an alias to it, as soon as I alias it it shows the path hierarchy and renders it as a link, why is that?
Also, I’m not sure if I have to map each column or if I can just access the fields somehow.

How can I improve my question?

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