Dataview: get links from metadata

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to get every note that has a link to a file in frontmatter (or inline metadata)

specifically i am trying to make a dataview script that will; get every note where it has link to the current file , Link HAS to be in hub:: <link> and not anywhere else in the note.

hub:: [[content hub]]
type:: video
source:: youtube

some video etc etc
and i want dataview to get this note when the script is in content hub note
but if the link was not in hub:: it has to not get the note

Things I have tried

i tried this script;

WHERE contains(file.hub,

i also tried

WHERE file.hub =


WHERE contains(file.frontmatter.hub,

(with putting the hub in frontmatter) (also links in frontmatter have double quote around them etc idk about this one)

WHERE contains(hub,

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