Dataview-Generated Links Plugin

I am looking for a plugin that can enhance Obsidian’s Graph View to display links generated by Dataview. Currently, the Graph View primarily recognizes manually created links within note content. However, with the increasing use of Dataview to generate links to notes based on various criteria, it would be incredibly helpful to have these dynamically generated links visible in the Graph View.

Features Requested:

  • The plugin should be able to recognize and display links that are generated using Dataview queries.
  • These generated links should be visible within the Graph View and should behave similarly to manually created links, allowing for easy navigation between notes.
  • The visualization of Dataview-generated links within the Graph View would enhance the overall note interconnection experience.

Use Case:
This plugin would be particularly valuable for users who rely heavily on Dataview to organize and link their notes based on specific criteria. It would make the Graph View more comprehensive, providing a better overview of the note interconnections in the knowledge base.

Additional Notes:
I understand that this might be a complex task, as it involves integrating Dataview queries into the Graph View, but it would greatly improve the utility of Obsidian for those who employ Dataview extensively for note management.

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