Dataview filtering with modified folder names

What I’m trying to do

  • Dataview queries with filtering using from when the name of one of the folders in the path has changed
  • For example,
    • I filtered the dataview query using from "Projects/Project_Name/".
    • But, the name of the project changed to “Proejct_Name_New”; so, I had to change the folder name accordingly.
    • This change makes the filtering breaks as from "Projects/Project_Name" persists.
    • In this particular case, of course, I can just use from "Projects/" instead. But it’s just a case-specific solution anyway…
  • Is there a way to use a filtering where notes can be automatically filtered by the folder I initially intended after I change the folder name?

Things I have tried

  • No ideas to try yet…


  • I’m not familiar with JavaScript, but solutions by dataviewjs are also welcoming. I’ll dig into that!

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