Dataview Filtered Table of Random Notes

What I’m trying to do

I want to have a dataview table of a couple random files sourced from a tag displayed in the footer of my daily note, so I can review vocabulary words. I want to filter by status to exclude vocab I’ve already learned, eg state: “not learned”.

Things I have tried

This creates a table of three random files, but it seems to refresh the results when I interact with the document.

[!EXAMPLE]+ Random Vocab

const shuffled = dv.pages('#resources/vocab')
	.sort(() => 0.5 - Math.random());
let selected = shuffled.slice(0, 3);
dv.table(["File", "State", "Definition"],
selected .map(b => [, b.state, b.definition]))

I’ve also been unable to figure out how to filter by state. I think I probably need to include something like the following, but I’m not sure where:

.where(b => b.state.text.includes(“not learned”))

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