Dataview filter outbound reference that isn't an actual file

I want to include results from a dataview query that contain a specific outbound reference. However, the outbound file hasn’t been created as an actual file yet.

The value of the file I’m looking for appears in the table with file.outlinks, but it doesn’t work when I include it in the WHERE clause. I’ve tried which works for other values (files that exist), but not for this non-existing file.

Any thoughts?

The value “writing skills” is there when I don’t try to filter for only those records:

But with the following query, it returns nothing

FROM #evergreen AND !"99 Admin"
WHERE contains(file.outlinks, "writing skills")

The issue is not that your link has not been created yet, but rather that you’re trying to compare a text into a list of links. Try using contains(file.outlinks, [[writing skills]]).

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