Dataview Expression by Date

Things I have tried

I’ve done some googling but I probably don’t understand the terms enough to search correctly. Hopefully I can explain it well enough here to get some help.

What I’m trying to do

I’m using DB Folder to create a view of my movies but I’m trying to only show movies from my Movie Database folder that have a premier date of today or later. Basically a quick view of upcoming movies I plan to watch.

I currently have the below expression that isn’t working of course, but helpfully it helps to convey what I am looking to do. The property in each movie file is “premier” which is filled in with the date the movie is to be released. I only want it to show movies that have a premier date value of today or later. Thanks so much for the help and sorry if this is a lame question.

FROM “2_Databases/Movies”
WHERE field(premiere) <= date(today)

Have you tried where premiere < date(today) ?

If that doesn’t work, please provide more information like example data of your premiere field, and so on.

That didn’t work. The premier property is just “premiere: 1994-07-29” in the property area.

I did find that I can just do it through filtering in the DB Folder itself. So I am getting closer. I just don’t see to be able call the current date correctly in the DB Folder filter. If I type the current date in manually it works but if I try DATE(today) is doesn’t. So I am digging into Date parameters now (Googling) to see what I am doing wrong.

In the DB Filter I tried making “premiere <= date(today)” and I tried “premiere <=” but nothing seems to produce the current date “2022-12-17” in the format that DB Folder wants to see. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to create today’s date in the DB Folder? Thanks again for everyone’s time.

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Oh sorry, I read DB Folder, but I thought Dataview. Then I’m drawing a blank, sorry.

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