Dataview change case of the results to uppercase lowercase etc

I was wondering if I use the inline dataview query and also wish that the result be in a certain letter case e.g. uppercase, lowercase etc., can I do that with dataview?

Searched the dataview documentation and found that it is possible.

e.g. I use a dataview query to show the file title at the first line as follows


it gives me the file name as it is. But if I want the file name in uppercase, I can do that with the following query

`= upper (`

That capitalises all the letters of the result, i.e. the file name
I usually show this result in a bold H1 Header and add the #+(a space) at the beggining as follows

# `= upper (`

I can change the case to lower case as well. Just replace the ‘upper’ with ‘lower’ as follows

 # `= lower (`

and you’ll get the lowercase file title despite of whatever the case of letters used in the actual title.

Remember the dataview principle? It doesn’t change the actual data. So the actual file title remains as it is.

This is a very simple thing, but you may need to change the case in some special cases :grinning: !