Dataview (card view): Notes with covers do not open

What I’m trying to do

I want to bring back the display of covers and notes in Dataview (for book/movie libraries and etc). The problem appeared in the new version (1.5.3). I’m using minimal theme with card view.

Things I have tried

Re-launching Obsidan
Disabling plugins
Disabling CSS snippets

Try updating Minimal as well.

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Hello, I have the same problem and I have the last version of minimal, help me please.

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I’m having the same problem.

On desktop, I see closed, narrow cards, like you have above.

On mobile, the cards render properly. Almost – I can’t get images to show.

I would think this is a user error (mine) but since it renders on mobile, maybe not? Still, not seeing the image is incriminating. I’m thinking its me…

FROM  #albums
WHERE !="Albums" AND !="classAlbums"
SORT dateReleasedFirst ASC

THANKS in advance!

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