Dataview and Filter Search using Properties

What I’m trying to do

I have notes in Obsidian in directory A

Also in each of the notes I have tags like:
Levels:: #level-X

In Levels I can specify one or more specific tags: Levels:: #level-X, #level-Y

I want to create a note in which I will search all my notes in directory A using a certain filter. To do this, I created properties like:
SearchTopics:: {“type”:“MultiFile”,“options”:{}}
SearchTags:: #level-Y

And I want to write a query for the dataview that will search and find all the notes from directory A that will contain SOME entry from the filter (that is, search as OR, not as AND) using 2 filter values: SearchTopics and SearchTags.
SearchTopics is a link to another note, that is, I’m trying to find those notes that have the links that I listed in the filter

Is this possible?

Things I have tried

Tried different options, but nothing worked

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