Dataview - Aggregating Backlinks (w/ Folder location) + Other tagged info

Things I have tried

Various Codes found in forum

What I’m trying to do

I know that I can turn on backlinks to a document and also list the backlinks via dataview, but I want to create a bit more of a dataview “aggregator” of related info.

E.g. Just focusing on the backlinks, I can produce a list with this code:

table without id file.inlinks
where =

But it would be more helpful if it could separate the notes by folder as I have folders for different kind of notes.


Topic Notes

  • Note 1
  • Note 2

Daily Notes

  • Note 3
  • Note 4

Would be great too if I could include other metadata like create date in the table.

And even better would be if I could pull in any quotes or facts that pertain to that note or topic, but for that, I’m not really sure how to set it up such that dataview would know to pull blocks of text from other notes in.

For example, there might be a note on the topic of the recent Speaker of the House elections. I may read 3 articles on the event and find several interesting quotes. Of course I will link the election page to the article note. Now in my main election note, I can see the backlink to that article, but I may also want to pull in a few of the quotes from that article so I dont have to manually block quote them. It would be cool, while reading the article to tag blocks in a way that when I go back to the main note, dataview not only pulls in all the page references, but anything else I deem relevant. (maybe this is two separate dataview sections). I figured out how to make a table of quotes from a certain in-line tag, but I want this to relate to a linked pages.

Basically, I’ve been linking all my notes and block quotes manually which is incredibly time-consuming (and impossible as my note count grows). I want try to automate the aggregation of all (or most) relevant connections to a note, not just backlinks.

Is there a way to do something like this?

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