Dataview 0.4.3 update causing crash on iOS

Just updated Dataview to 0.4.3 It is working fine on the desktop version, but on both iOS and iPadOS, it is causing a reload and then a crash of Obsidian.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin, and the same with Obsidian itself.

Any ideas?

That version of Dataview works fine for me on iPadOS so it might be conflicting with another plugin, try turning them all off and then back on one at a time to find the conflict.

Also good to post a bug report/issue on the Git page for the plugin:

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Thanks for that - did as you suggest, and even with Dataview on its own (i.e. without any community or core plugins enabled), it would hang on both devices. Even thought a rogue theme might be causing some issue, so went with none but still a problem…

I’ll post an issue onth Git page as you suggest, but would be interested if anyone else is getting the problem. BTW, is there ayway I can acccess the previous version of Dataview does anyoen know?

I think you can manually install a previous version by selecting it from here and installing it (unsure if that’s possible but I suspect it is, if you show ‘hidden folders’ on your OS and drag the files into the plugin folder):

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