Database Plug in is not displaying headers

Still getting familiar with data view, but I noticed that when I try to list all tasks he headers don’t get listed. From what I have seen it seems that headers are usually posted and the headers are the links back to the original file, in my case the tasks themselves are links back to the file.

I am currently up to date in the plug in and obsidian version

I have tried

type: task

Where type = "task"

or simply no tagging on the files at all creating some dummy tasks
and just


I do see the tasks but not the header in both ways.
What am I doing wrong?

What headers?

What you mean?

Are you talking about the groups by file?

WHERE type = "task"

If you watch this video How to use the Obsidian Dataview plugin - YouTube
13:24 mark the tasks appear with

then tasks
Here is a sample picture. I don’t see headers and the task themselves are highlighted linking back to the original file.


You don’t see “headers” (they’re the link to the original file) because now, by default, tasks aren’t grouped by files (this default behavior still happens in dataviewjs queries).
If you want to see tasks grouped by file (you can group by another metadata) you just need to use the query I already posted above (with GROUP BY

WHERE type = "task"

About the highlight (depends if you use the default theme or other)… In old versions (as in the linked video) each task had a link icon at the end of the text (a link to the original source). Now each task is per se a link to the original position. In default theme the task is highlighted when you hover the mouse by the text… it’s an indicator of linked text. There’s some themes that had remove this effect (like Minimal).

Another point: beyond the videos (with the risk of being outdated), define as main source the plugin docs: Dataview

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That clears things up, Thank you!

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