Database folder; some of the files under the file column appear as text, not links

You can see my problem clearly in this image. Some file names appear as text, cannot be clicked.

Things I have tried

  • I searched this problem but couldn’t found any answer on the internet.
  • It’s probably not about the length of the file name, I changed the file names.
  • In the file that appears as text, the character " | " appears. I thought it was related to this and changed the alias, but it was not related to this either.

I don’t use the plugin but I’ve found in the documentation the mention:

Could it be that you didn’t enable alias in the column settings ? :woman_shrugging:

Why should they be links? Which link variant are you trying to use?

Most of the one I’ve seen so far do not allow return/ line shifts within the link. And if you want to do WikiLinks they require double brackets.

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