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Here’s a fun one … :slight_smile:

I want to create a data view query for my daily notethat shows me:

Tasks WITHOUT a due date
Tasks due today
Tasks due this week.

If it’s three different queries, I have no problem with that.


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In a simple answer:

tasks without due date

WHERE !due

tasks due today

WHERE due = date(today)

tasks due this week

WHERE due.week = date(today).week

But there are some issues:

  • if only not completed tasks, you need to add WHERE !completed
  • “week” is a number (for example, date(today).week = 3) and repeats all months - so, you need to use WHERE due.week = date(today).week AND due.month = date(today).month to restrict results to “this week”.
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Fantastic - thank you so much!

In the “WHERE” section, can I specify a tag that I DON’T want it to pull data from?

Not in “WHERE” (conditions) but in “FROM” (sources).
To exclude pages with tag #mytag you can write:
FROM -#mytag

(in this case “-” means NOT)

You’re wonderful, thank you.

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