Data View Multi filtering criteria

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to add multi criteria filtering in a table view.
I want to filter projects using the following projects’ meta data:

Things I have tried

I have tried the following

  priority as "priority",
  subject as "subject", 
  source as "source", as "My learning efforts", 
  started as "started", 
  finished as "finished"
FROM "Spaces-Efforts/My learning efforts"
WHERE status = "ongoing" AND (priority = "1"  OR priority = "2")

But as soon as I add more than 1 criteria to the instruction WHERE, it stops working
I have also tried:
WHERE status = “ongoing” ‘and’ " WHERE priority = “1”

Maybe it is just not possible to have more than one filter.
I am trying to avoid using tags as a filter here.

That’s really stopping me from using table view properly

I have the same question.
I want to sort a table for more than one value of Meta Data Key.

There is nothing wrong having more than one condition in a WHERE clause, and b the OP’s example seems fine. What’s missing is some full examples on how they have written notes they expect to be included which aren’t.

In many cases this is more a matter of markup, that the query itself. In any case examples are needed to move forward.