Data Lost. The whole article turned into rectangles

My computer suddenly shut down when I was editing an obsidian file. After restarting the computer, the content of the file I was editing turned into rectangles kind of like this: " ". How can I recover my file?

Things I have tried

I’ve tried settings>File recovery, but it’s too late now. The event happened 3 weeks ago.
I tried to open the md file by Word, but it is blank.
However, the file remains 13KB instead of 0KB.

Have you tried taking a look using notepad? Perhaps there is a font issue? Just thinking that since I’ve had this outcome with missing fonts during Pandoc file conversions.

This looks like a unicode character issue. I would look at the file in a plain text editor and see if something strange has been added at the beginning of the file. Any characters inserted after character code 127 will trigger interpreting the remaining characters as possibly unicode ones.

Yes, I have tried to open the file by using notepad. The file is still blank even if I select all content and change the color or font. Thank you for the advise!

Thank you for the advise!
It seems that all the content become “space”.

Could try looking at it with a hex editor to confirm it’s all spaces. They will show as character code #20. I suspect they are not spaces as those would not show up as blocks but just plain whitespace. If you look at it with a hex editor then look at the first three characters. If those look odd in anyway then they might be what is called a Byte Order Mark (BOM) which is one way of telling what the character set in a file is meant to be. BOM’s are used by a lot of applications and they don’t show up in most text viewers that support unicode which notepad does these days.

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