Data loss with Google Drive

We will add an internal file recovery system in an upcoming release to mitigate data loss issues due to faulty plugins or external causes.


I feel your pain. Here is the solution I’ve adopted, alluded to by some others above. Sounds like GitHub was also your solution. Just to say, it was mine too!

  1. Move the vault out of Google Drive. Namely to one not being sync’d.
  2. Obsidian Git plugin + a private GitHub repository. It’s so easy! Auto-commits and pushes to the cloud. But this really just provides a back-up. I can’t yet verify 100% that I won’t have the same hiccup as before… but as long as my eye is on the status bar git status, I feel safer.
  3. Probably unnecessary use of Command+S for extra saves + peaking to make sure GitHub and my local files are actually being updated…

It’s a trust building process at this point.

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Yes! I have myself adopted Github for savekeeping! Thanks You. I just hope that the saving system In the new release is the solution for this! Fingers Crossed.

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Is there an internal file recovery system now?

I have been using Dropbox + SyncTrayzor for 3 months without any sync issues. But this time, after I lost data from one .md page (and Dropbox stopped making Version History for that file since 2 days, for some reason :frowning: )

I have been digging through my trash file, recycle bin - not there. It’s like the edits I made never existed

Also if it helps, I had an unrelated conflict file on syncthing (because of having ‘?’ in a file I made on Obsidian Mobile)

Could be useful in this thread:

Clearing the cache on Google Drive (and setting the folder it in Offline Mode) should be decisive.
My cache was over 40GB and I had to delete it to fix my problem.
I was convinced that Obsidian was the crash origin of my operative system but when I tried to see an image in the Google Drive Folder the Crash appeared again

P.S. Google drive allows seeing the versioning (either on Desktop or on the web)