Data lookup next to note link

Hello all, I’m new to obsidian so my apologies if I was looking in the wrong places for the answer. I’ve been trying to see if there is a way to get dataview or block-links to work for what I need but I seem to be hitting a dead end.

I work in a lab where we have a large number of chemicals which get replaced every few days / weeks. In my daily notes I link to notes associated with each of these chemicals which contain a giant table listing the lot number, expiry date, who made it, and what day it replaced the old chemical lot.

what I’m wanting is for the lot number of the chemical to be inserted after every reference to it in my daily notes, based on the date of that note. So for example if I reference ChemX on my 2022-09-14 daily note, I want the lot number for the ChemX that was in use on that day according to the table in the ChemX note to appear in parenthesis after the link.

Is anything like this possible. It feels a bit like linking a block and a bit like a data query. But neither seem to do what I’m needing much less work together.

Thank you in advance for any advice :slight_smile:

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