Daily Word Count Plugin

Plugin to count the amount of words that you type daily across the entire vault.


It’d be great to have access to all kinds of metrics & stats like that. Links made today, notes created, notes visited today, list of most linked notes, most visited notes, etc. Probably tons that people could use.

Also as for daily work count, it’d be nice to have a word count goal. Lots of writers use those.

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And what about unlinked notes?

I just published a plugin that adds this feature! You can download it from the community plugins tab under “Daily Stats”


Doesn’t work at all, unfortunately.

There is an error inside the data.json file - it seems to be record everything as one month behind in the data.json file, even though it displays it correctly in the visual squares.

I haven’t been able to figure out what word count the color of the little filled boxes relates to.