Daily Reading Log

I’ve posted previously that I use Obsidian for homeschooling my kids. I am currently trying to find a way that I can have them record what they’ve read for the day as part of the daily note (that is used for all of their assignments for the day), and then have it show the daily reading in a table on a file with their name.
Not sure if that explains it well but the basic flow would be:
Daily Note Reading section → kid 1 records book/pages read → export this data to markdown table on note named “kid1.md”

Is this something that would be possible with a plugin, Templater, or something else?

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If a non-table solution is acceptable, you could use an embedded search, either by adding a tag to the line where they record their reading, or maybe using a section or regular expression search.

Otherwise, it sounds like a task for the DataView plugin.

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