Daily Notes timeline in graph, linked to graph

In my opinion the daily notes should show up at either the top/left/right/bottom as a timeline, ordered sequentially. They should still be linked to everything else but not be considered in the force direction of the graph.

This would allow me to hover over notes across time, and see what they were connected to effectively telling me what I was thinking about most over that period.

Daily notes are clearly a different category of note, which is why we get requests to remove or filter that view (Remove log days in graph overviews) but I think showing it in the graph is still helpful.


My concern is that if all the knowledge is written in dailypage, in the end these irrelevant knowledge will all be connected together because of a little bit of daily overlap, so that irrelevant knowledge cannot be viewed independently . My idea is to add an option to display the diary or not, just like ROAMRESEARCH

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I use a Espanso template to populate some fields in my daily notes so I have a “starting template” - part of it I calculate the previous day and next day links and have them in the note. That way it winds up that the daily notes are one long string of days.

Just an idea if it’s useful to you.

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thanks that is useful. How does that calculation work? i am not familiar with espanso.

It’s calling the basic “date” command (or gdate on a mac) - here’s my config for this:

# DailyLog
  - trigger: ",daily"
replace: |
  tags: #daily
  datetime: {{now}}
  uuid: {{uuid}}

  # [[{{yesterday}}]] <-------> [[{{tomorrow}}]]

  ## ToDo
  ## DailyLog

  ## Food
  - name: now
    type: shell
      cmd: '/usr/local/bin/gdate | tr -d "\n"'
  - name: yesterday
    type: shell
      cmd: '/usr/local/bin/gdate --date="yesterday" +"%Y-%m-%d %a" | tr -d "\n"'
  - name: tomorrow
    type: shell
      cmd: '/usr/local/bin/gdate --date="tomorrow" +"%Y-%m-%d %a" | tr -d "\n"'
  - name: uuid
    type: match
      trigger: ",uuid"

I’m looking to do this in TextExpander. Any tips would be appreciated. I will also look up espanso

Don’t really know, but maybe something here would help:

A seperate Timeline-Tool would be very interesting, which logs and shows all the notes you are working on, like a stream. It helps finding notes, eg notes used in a row turn out to be more important. In the other hand, it allows you to analyze your workflow and your stream of notes.

A Timeline introduces another layer of interacting and looking at your notes definitely!

What do you think?

here is a similar approach: Trails in the graph-view!