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I have many daily notes with this fixed pattern “ww’ DD-MMM (ddd) Y” in daily note plugin. But I cannot see the new NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons.

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Where are you not seeing them? They are in the command palette (typically ctrl/cmd+p).

Ehh… from changelog I imagine they implemented this navigation buttons:

They are commands. And you can assign them to hotkeys.

Open next daily note and Open previous daily note

I don’t think there is any button.

That is just someone showing how they use a snippet expander called Expanso.

Yeah, I do that, but I just add it to new daily notes with Keyboard Maestro. Every time I start a new daily note, I write ./daily, and it expands into a script with, roughly, ← [[YYYYMMdd-1]] | [[YYYYMMdd+1]] →.

I can share that expansion if you’d like.

As @rigmarole noted, the release notes refer to a new Command Palette action (that can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts).

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Actually to in-build keyboard shortcuts are much handy!

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I know I’m late to the party and this dated post, but I’d like to see the KM Macro, please. If it’s available.

These days I use the following in a template with the Periodic Notes plugin:

|← [[{{date-1d:YYYYMMDD}}]]|[[{{date+1d:YYYYMMDD}}]] →|
| --- | --- |

It’ll expand out to a link to the previous/next day.


Also check REAL Daily Notes previous/next navigation.


@rigmarole Do these commands still exist? I don’t see them in the Command Palette for Obsidian v0.12.11.

Is the Daily Note plugin enabled in your vault?

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+1 what @ryanjamurphy said. But you also have to be in a valid daily note before you see those commands available. Otherwise in any random note, you’ll only see the “Daily notes: Open today’s daily note” command available.

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Sure enough. I was not in a daily note. When I am in a daily note I do indeed see the “next” and “previous” commands in the palette. Thanks guys.

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This was the neatest solution I found for this, thank you brother!

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