Daily notes necessary?

What I’m trying to do

I installed the heatmap calendar plugin
but it seems, it has to be installed the daily-notesd-plugin as well.
The plugin only shows an empty calendar.

Things I have tried

Instead the daily notes I want to use the date from the frontmatter of the files.
files like this:

datBeg: 2023-07-01
level: 25

my code for the heatmap:

dv.span("# Test") 
const calendarData = {
    year: 2023
    entries: [],  

//DataviewJS loop
for (let page of dv.pages('"Projekte"').where(p => p.level)) {
        date: page.datBeg,  
        intensity: page.level, 
        content: "",
renderHeatmapCalendar(this.container, calendarData)

I get the output:

So, do I have to install the daily notes thingy or can I also solve this with a date in frontmatter?

thanks in advance