Daily Notes naming conventions ISO8601

I have all the file names for my daily notes in YYYY-MM-DD-dddd format, such as 2023-02-26-Sunday.

Reading about Field Types on the Dataview help pages it seems that it would be better if I removed the days of the week from all the file names and used the ISO8601 YYYY-MM-DD format instead.

Before I change the titles of and links in thousands of files, I would welcome any advice about if this is the best way to proceed or if any other formatting would be preferable.


  1. Quit Obsidian
  2. Made a backup
  3. Batch renamed the files in Finder (Find -Monday, Replace [blank]; Find -Tuesday, Replace [blank]; etc)
  4. Used VS Code to do the same replacements on the text in all the files
  5. Reopened the vault in Obsidian
  6. Danced with joy :dancer:

Did you need to do that? I was just about to write a post on how dataview can pick up dates in various context, and let you use file.day to access the date, either from the file name itself, or potentially in some tricky cases from a specific date field within the file.

But, if you’re happy, then I’m happy!

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Thank you. Not sure if I needed to do it, but I had convinced myself that it might be a better / simpler format to have for robustness in the future.

It was easy to do, and I have a backup that I can restore if I run into problems.

Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:

You posted another query related to the same subject (but with a different twist), so I posted some examples on how to utilise the file.day in that reply, so if someone in the future searches for this, they should also take a lot at the following:

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THANK YOU :grinning:

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