Daily Notes: Most USEFUL / USELESS practices?

What are your best practices for Today’s Note?

I mean, after you have tested them for some decent months or years, what has proven to be:



In terms of:

  • CONTENTS. For example, what has been the most effective type of content being appropriate for Daily Notes, or vice versa?
  • FORMAT. For example, is there a super easy way to check once a task has been done, using a checkbox or strikethrough options?

I think you mean Daily Note, right? For me I keep track of 3 things, which each get a heading.

  1. Meetings - scheduled meetings on my calendar, always take notes during or after the meeting
  2. Communications - phone calls mostly, but can also be ad hoc in person conversations, I will summarize the call in a sentence or two, if it is relating to a project, include a link to the project note
  3. Journal - In this section I write down progress on significant projects or tasks

At the end of the week, I review these daily notes and they always remind me of tasks I need to take care of in the following week. Also when I work on a project, I will look at the backlinks that will have a list of the days that I worked on this project because of the links in the 3 sections above.


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