Daily notes in month subfolder

Use case or problem

I find that having all daily notes in the same folder is getting difficult to manage. Initially I started with all daily notes in ‘/journal’. Shortly into the new year I ‘archived’ the previous year into ‘/journal/2020/’ and set the folder path to ‘/journal/2021/’. Which kind of works. But I’d really like to separate notes by year and month, eg ‘journal/2021/7/2021-07-29.md’

Proposed solution

Make the ‘folder path’ for daily notes templateable. In my case the folder path would be ‘/journal/{YYYY}/{MM}/’

Current workaround (optional)

Setting the folder path specifically each month. Doable, but annoying.

Try Date format: YYYY/MM/ etc. Works.

After fiddling around with I foiund out that it actually does work, but not how I thought it would. The solution, as nrm suggested, is to use path separators in the date format field. So what was ‘YYYY-MM-DD’ is now ‘YYYY/M/YYYY-MM-DD’. Which is excactly what I wanted.

So thank you, nrm!

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