Daily Notes for different folders

What I’m trying to do

Hi, community!
As a new y to obsidian I searched for a long time for a solutions to my Problem. It would be do kind to be helped!
I need to work in several projects (around 12), each represented by one folder. Now I would like to have a daily note for documentatiion in that specific folder. So when I’m in the folder generate a daily note in that folder with its name and the date. Are there solutions for that Problem?

Things I have tried

Spend lots of hours searching!

You should be able to use the plugin Templater to achieve your goals. Setup one (or more) templates dependent on the current folder, and setup that new files are created in the current folder. It’ll also require projects to be located in dedicated folders (or possibly some other way to detect that you’re currently within that given project).

This way when you’re in a note of any given project and hit the create new file/daily note template, it’ll create it within the given folder structure with the template of your choice.

So it should be doable with some fiddling about. :slight_smile:

12 project notes every day is a lot. You may want to consider weekly notes instead, or a single file for each project, divided by daily or weekly headings.

That sounds great, I’ll try it out and report if it works! Thank you!

Templater is the most recommended solution for this since there are numerous resources available about it. QuickAdd is less known but offers similar solutions. One practical difference is that QuickAdd lacks a ribbon icon when you want to access it while Templater offers a ribbon icon. Templater can be used with Templates core plugin as well. Consider using different vaults for different projects since it’s easier to create notes when you only have few templates to choose from. Other option is to create notes by pressing links that are in your notes. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to navigate menus and search your templates. See Advanced URI - Commands.

This solution with the link sounds really nice, but I’m not sure how! I figured out this:
obsidian://advanced-uri?daily=true&filepath=CO2 {Dateyyyy-mm-dd}
So this will open a new file called CO2 2023-10-11? But how can I specify the folder? This is far beyound my abilitys…

Try this example

[Try me 😘](obsidian://advanced-uri?filepath=myAwesomeFolder%2FmyNote.md%20)

Generally you have to use url encoder to encode key values (I’m not sure about what are the exact conditions for needing to do so). This makes using Advanced URI somewhat difficult. If you want use variables in your urls, you could check Shell commands URI.

FYI the developer of the Periodic Notes plugin was planning to allow multiple folders but I don’t think the feature exists yet (at least in the public version).

Peirodic Notes v1.0.0-beta3 allows you to create multiple calendar sets and use different folders of daily notes. (You have to install it via Obsidian BRAT plugin).
But I also think 12 different daily note sets (12 x days files) is too much.

These are all great Ideas, thank you very much. I will need a bit time to test it!
Don’t worry, it’s not 12 full projects, everything is running properly but needs some documentation once or twice a week. The actual work appears in my Kanban.

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