Daily Notes. Can't Use Preferred Date Format?

Things I have tried

I started using daily notes a short while ago. I really don’t like number only format dates as note headings. I like the note heading to ‘feel’ right contextually. Hence I prefer to use the format August 1st 2021 rather than 2021 08 01.

This was working fine until recently. Yesterday I was getting constant crashing of Obsidian and had to delete my .obsidian folder. I then re-downloaded my most used plugins and setting it all up again.

I got to the daily notes and calendar plugins and noticed that it did not recognise the previously created daily notes. The calendar display was empty.

I redirected things with the settings so that it pointed to the correct folder /daily notes

I selected the date format that was working previously. i.e August 21st 2021 rather than 2021 08 21. But at that point I noticed;

Today is August 21s. Regardless of what day I click on in the calendar to create a note, it returned a message saying that the note for August 3rd did not exist, and did I want to create it etc. August 3rd was the example preview that displayed in the settings window where you choose and set up your date format and daily notes folder location. i.e. as you are typing in YYYY MM DD and the system previews the result over on the left of the settings window.

The only way to get daily notes to work for me is to go back to using the default date format of 2021-08-21

This is really frustrating as I had it working fine previously with my preferred date format.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Is there a way to contact the developers of plugins directly?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

UPDATE - OMG. How embarrassing

It was a simple typo. I was typing ‘dddd MMMM Qo YYYY’ and not ‘dddd MMMM Do YYYY’


What I’m trying to do

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You can contact developers via the Github page for each plugin. You can get to that page via the plugin’s listing in the Community Plugins gallery.

I imagine you’re missing a preference that still needs to be re-set somewhere.

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