Daily notes: Allow to use date format in 'New File Location' just like it does for the notes names

I use daily notes everyday(storing in a Daily folder) and the notes are accumulating quickly. I wish there was a way to specify a dynamically generated folder name as opposed to just one so I can have something like this in the New file location - Daily/MM. This should generate monthly sub-folders inside the Daily folders giving some extra organisation inside the folder.



Agree with this but think that it should be part of the “Date Format” entry, so this:

would create DAILY/09/2020.09.03. This way lets you get the same result, but it the date parsing/format is only applied in one place.

EDIT: Just discovered that the above works as long as you create the folder yourself. So the only change required is really that it creates the folder if it doesn’t already exist.


Thanks! I tried this earlier and couldn’t get it to work. I didn’t think to manually create the MM/ folder and retry creating a note.

It does indeed work with the folder separator / in the Date format setting as long as the folder exists.

+1 for @ShaneNZ’s suggestion of allowing the plugin to create missing folders in the specified path.

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