Daily Notes & accessing information for a subject

I currently have a note for each subject (meetings, one to ones, clients/projects). It kind of works for me, however I’d like to make more use of Daily Notes so I can see more of my day on one page.

The issue I have with Daily Notes (no doubt a lack of knowledge), is how do I then view all of the information for a subject in one place?

Example: I meet with a person on my team every week. We might discuss the following:

  • Long term career objectives
  • Follow ups from previous meeting
  • New topics I want to discuss
  • Feedback collected since our last conversation

If I use Daily Notes, I fear that all of this information will be lost across multiple files. If I tag sections on Daily Notes, I might be able to see them all using the Graph View, but this doesn’t give me all of the information I need in one place, that I would get if I enter all of the information on a dedicated page for this person.

Ideally my subject note would be automatically populated from the relevant sections of Daily Notes… is this possible? If not, how do you overcome this?

I’ve tried doing:

  1. Transclusion (just shows the whole Daily Note, most of which isn’t relevant)
  2. Tags (again links to whole page)
  3. Link to page element using [[Page^…]] (only links to a single line)

For (3) above, if I could link to a paragraph (e.g., a series of bullets under a header, with me referencing the header) this might work.


I’m not sure this will solve your problem, but just so you know, you can link to a heading and the stuff within it with [[Page#Heading]]. So you can link to an entire page, a specific heading on that page, or a specific line: [[Page]], [[Page#Heading]], and [[Page^...]]. Any of those links can be embedded/transcluded by putting a ! in front.

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This is perfect - thanks!

… now need to figure out how to automate it!

You use templater for a base of automatic daily notes?
Using dataview is a good choise for doing something like this too.

You can just make things very automated with that.

And a possible solution for you first question would-be something like a week note or month note, that get automatic a header or something like that from the next week.

For exemple of a normal daily note with a header of important that could be used for getting information:

last daily note<Daily note>next daily note

## Things that Happened

- [ ] 

## People i meet

- [ ] 

## Future Peojects

- [ ]

# Important

- A
- B

I would probably go about it another way. I would have a note for each person, with a running log of conversations, each log line labeled with the date.

I would use the List Modified plugin, which would add any note that I modify today to a log in the Daily Note. (So if I added new entries to the “Roger” log, then that note would be added to today’s Daily Note.)

And if I needed a “dashboard” view of discussions with everyone in the department over the last month for a meeting/report to my boss, I would have a department log note that used Dataview queries to pull the log entries that fell within that time period into a single note.

I would add a small summary to the daily note with a link to the relevant file (a heading or block link if needed) and then follow the link and add the full info there. That way the daily note serves as a sort of “home base”, and you get an overview.

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