Daily note template; "if A not done in the last N days, print M"

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I was trying to modify my Periodic Notes template, but I couldn’t find what I needed to do.

In my template there is a recurrent task called A.
I need to do it at least every n days. If I haven’t, I want the message M to be present in the daily note.
I DON’T want a view of a calendar. I end up barring the checkbox of A by myself most of the time, but if I’m too busy, and I don’t do it for too many days, I want to be reminded.

I tried with the Tracker plugin, by converting the checkbox into a YAML tag: “- [ ] do A” becomes “I haven’t done A: 1”; then I check the current streak. But this is not what I’m looking for.

I tried asking chatGPT about it, but it made me very confused. I tried to dig into the documentation of dataview and embedded queries, but I can’t wrap my head around it.

Has anyone done what I’m trying to do here?

Is this the same as you want a reminder if you haven’t done a task N days after the starting date of that task?

What kind of format are you task in? How does an example task look like? And how do you define the N, and the M message used to remind yourself of the other task?

Try setting up a recurring task with the tasks plugin. And add a tasks query to your daily note template, that shows it if it’s been due for more than N days.

Caveat: the actual text of the recurring tasks won’t be in your daily notes, it’ll probably be in a single file, and the tasks will only be viewed using the tasks-codeblock-view in the daily notes.

Thank you for responding!

Not exactly. My bad, I should have give a better example

Let’s say I have R relatives, that I should call at different max intervals
I set up the daily opportunity to call them, but it’s not like having a daily task to fulfill by the N-th day, if that’s what was understood.

An all-caps “- [ ] GO CALL PERSON A!!!”, would suffice

The interval would be a custom constant for that particular person/job

Thank you for taking the time for responding!!

Unfortunately, this is not really what I’m needing right now. I wrote some specification in my previous comment

I just typed up an alternate query related to last interaction with #friends. This query could possibly be changed into a similar query for your case, where you tag those relatives with relative (or similar).

In case you want different call periods, you could add a “time-between-calls” type of field in that relative’s note, and possibly due some date calculations related to how many days it’s been since you called them.

And finally, if you compare current date with last date you called them, and it’s over the time period, then put up a big red flag to call them!

Are you able to make those changes to my query, and does that sound like a solution?

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