Daily note range (or Week / Month of Year)

Could the daily note plugin be customised to enable a date range, or include a Week of Year or Month of Year option? I haven’t been able to hack something using the moment.js library.

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Hmm. What about: w-YYYY? It looks like it would work. See the “Here is what it will look like:” line.

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 3.27.59 PM

Month would work too. E.g., MMMM-YYYY:
Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 3.29.05 PM

And for fun:Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 3.31.17 PM


Amazing @ryanjamurphy ! I’ll have a play around with that to see if it can display the full week range (e.g. 200608 - 200614)

Oh, you want to explicitly include e.g. the date of the first day of the week and the date of the last day of the week?

I don’t think that’s possible without additional moment.js features.

However, the week number (w) will get you that functionality, if not that appearance.

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Sounds like you want to dynamically introduce date strings. If I understood that correctly you can do it by using the Templater plugin and the native date command

I created Daily and Weekly templates in Templater. Then in Templater you can specify custom strings to be parsed and leverage the date command. For example I wanted “navigation” in my Weekly so I could quickly jump to the previous or next week’s note.

Here’s the token I used:

Here’s the date command:
date -v-2w -v+fri "+%Y-%m-%d weekly review"

Now when a Templater template is included that includes that token it gets expanded to 2020-12-11 weekly review


cc @tgrosinger looks similar to the GitHub issue shared in Discord, but just in case.

Thank you @ryanjamurphy !
It’s really really helpful (Monthly note) for me !

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