Daily Note Question

Is it possible to add a note from a daily note to a MOC

In my daily note I put Check out- [[Cinammon for Diabetes]] as I want to do in the future and cannot due to day.

I want to add to a Future Research heading on my diabetes MOC. Is there a syntax that would allow to place on the diabetes MOC from my daily note?

Hope what I am trying to do makes sense

I’m not entirely sure I understand, but is this what you mean?

You can embed other notes inside notes. This is also called transclusion in Obsidian. If you use this syntax, it will embed that note inside your current note.
![[note title]] or ![[note title#header]]

![[Apple Recipes]] - this will embed the note.
![[Apple Recipes#Apple Pie]] - this will embed one section of the note from the header “Apple Pie”

That way, if you want to include a MOC inside another note, you could. Or you could add that other note inside your MOC. I wasn’t sure what direction you meant.

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If you want to park a quick reminder on your daily note without jumping to a different page, the way to do that is with backlinks.

  1. Add [[Future research]] [[Cinnamon for diabetes]] to your daily note
  2. Go to “Future Research” whenever you have spare time for research. In the backlinks panel you’ll see the reminder “Cinnamon for diabetes” along with any other research prompts
  3. Follow the link to the daily note, delete [[Future research]] (it’s now current research) and follow the link to “Cinnamon for diabetes” to create the note and start taking notes on the benefits of cinnamon.
  4. Wait to link “Cinnamon for diabetes” from your MOC until you’ve read enough about the topic to know where it fits in with your other ideas.

Thank You!!

Thank you