Daily Note [[link]] that triggers the same action as the `open prev/next daily note` hotkeys

I have in my “daily note” template the following header:

[[daily/{{tp_yesterday}}|← Prev ({{tp_yesterday:f=ddd}})]] | [[daily/{{tp_tomorrow}}| Next ({{tp_tomorrow:f=ddd}}) →]]

This results in links that look something like this at the top of my daily notes:


This works pretty well, EXCEPT when the note doesn’t exist yet, e.g. when clicking on the “tomorrow” link before the clock rolls over at midnight. If you do that, Obsidian creates the note but doesn’t apply the “daily” template—so you just get a blank note.

I would like to request instead a “meta-link” such as [[daily-note:prev]] and [[daily-note:next]] that simply trigger the exact same code as the “open prev/next daily note” hotkeys. This would be simpler, and solve cases where there are gaps in your working days and thus the previous note happens to be a few days ago…


Ever found a solution to this?