Daily note input based on day of the week

Hi all,

I want to use obsidian for my daily notes. I’ve been working on making a template with the TemplateR plugin. I’ve got everything working (links to other notes, dates, excalidraw and tags). But the one thing I can’t seem to find out is dynamic part which gives me a different “to do” based on the day of the week.

In the templateR documentation I found:

<%* if (tp.file.title.startsWith(“Hello”)) { %>
This is a hello file !
<%* } else { %>
This is a normal file !
<%* } %>

If I just pasted this it works, but to change it in giving me a different output based on which weekday it is, I can’t get working.
So what I would like is to have a different to do list in my daily note, based on which weekday it is.

Anybody there who can help me out?

Thank you in advance.

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