Daily Note from Mobile overwrites desktop

I primarily use Obsidian on my desktop computer (Mac OS), but also have the mobile app and Obsidian Sync.

Unfortunately, the syncing process is not working properly. Sometimes, even though I have written notes on desktop, when I open it on mobile, the daily note is blank. When I write something in the daily note on mobile, when I open it again on desktop, I just see what was written on mobile and everything else has been overwritten.

Unfortunately, this makes Obsidian sync and the mobile app pretty unusuable for me.

What you describe should not happen. There is only one case where the overwrite happens and is described here

If it happens in other circumstance, we are gonna need exact repro steps and possibly some screen recordings.

Moved to help for now.

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This here does apply to me: users who automatically generate or alter notes on startup, for example using Daily notes. I’m specifically referring to the daily note. I have not experienced this for other notes. (Also don’t really edit other notes on mobile.)

So there is no solution for this? It’s something you’re working on fixing?

@WhiteNoise Unfortunately, the same issue persists and I’m frustrated there is no help on this. (I’m using the paid service after all.)

Could you please look into this / respond in some way?

Just updating here that the issue continues. I was writing all they in the daily note. There was lots of stuff in there.

Then I went to dinner and opened the mobile app, which is set to open to the daily note. It was the empty template. Then when I got back to my computer, all the text had disappeared. Obviously, Sync replaced all my written text with the template daily note that the mobile app put up.

I have no idea if / how I can restore the data. Nothing shows up under deleted files.

We’re looking into this and will reply to the email you just sent to our support inbox :slight_smile:

Note that forum is for community support — if you want to reach the team with a Sync-related issue you can always email us. The “email support” button automatically includes your debug information so that we can more easily help troubleshoot the issue.


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