Daily Note Flicker on Calendar and Annoying Notifications

Greetings. I’m sure that someone has addressed this, but searching for it didn’t find anything. I have implemented the core daily notes plugin and it seems to have a few irregularities:

  1. When editing the daily note, notifications seem to appear in the upper right of the screen…status messages perhaps leftover from debug. Can these be turned off?

  2. When using the Calendar plugin and using the core daily notes, the date flickers annoyingly. When you close the sidebar, this goes away, of course.

  3. Several times when typical in a daily note it seems to lag and cant keep up with the typing and begins to type on a different line (no, I’m not on a laptop).

I am using the most current version of Obsidian (1.0.3) on a Mac running Ventura.

Thanks! I’m just now starting with Obsidian, but have been using NotePlan3 for several years.

Sorry, we don’t take bug reports involving third party plugins.

Please resubmit this bug report and make sure that: 1) you follow the bug report template, 2) you use the default theme (no css) and 3) there are no third-party plugins enabled (You can use the sandbox vault for 2 and 3).