Daily Note by Year, Month, Day

I’m just getting started with Obsidian and Daily Notes. I want to stay with the idea of Daily Note and the folder structure of


Now when I click on the month folder I’d like to see a page which shows the contents of all my notes for that month. Similarly when I click on the year folder.

I’ve figure out how to show a folder note when clicking on a folder … just no idea what I need to put in it to see the above. I’m not looking to show a list of links to each day. I want to quickly see the contents for a whole month or year.

I’ve looked at DataView but this to only show meta data for each note.

Any ideas please?

So you want to see them all transcluded into a note, rather than seeing the list of notes in the explorer?

yes exactly - maybe with the option to only show a range (year, month).