Daily note auto creation is too late

Things I have tried

My daily notes/day planner creates a new note too late in the day. Is there a way to configure the creation of the note @ 0000 and not 1030 or whenever it creates it?

What I’m trying to do

Isn’t that note created whenever you open that daily note? So if it’s created late in the day, isn’t that because you opened it late in the day?

If not, then what kind of a system are you using to create your daily notes?

No I’m using the day planner plugin and it creates notes really late in the day.

Have you looked at Settings > Day Planner? Have you read the day planner plugin’s description page (and other documentation if any)?

I read through the Day Planner settings and it doesn’t say anything about Creation time. I just think that it is weird. If I create a note it will be on that day, but otherwise it will make the note at like 10am my day starts at 0500.

I see that you posted an issue on the github site for the plugin, and I think that’s the correct action, as they might answer as to what triggers the creation of a new daily note.

One question, though, could it be related to time zones somehow? You say that it seems to be created around 10:30 (in your local time), is your local time zone something like UTC + 10:30h ? That is, where are you located? Does it happen to be in South Australia?

No Not on any of my devices.

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