Cybertron theme + Cyber LYT

YESSS, it works!!! Thank you so much, Nick!!! :star_struck:

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Now, on the contrary, I WANT those lines. How can I get them? I have cybertron installed and also outliner plugin, yet I am not seeing them. What can I do?

Just reverse those instructions. Open the css file, scroll to the very bottom and re-paste that code

Hmm, I spent a fair bit of time trying that out with no results :confused:
Not sure what it is… I also downloaded your LYT Kit vault to see if perhaps it was something with my vault, but I also didn’t see any lines.

I’ll dig into the CSS and see if I can figure something out.

Btw, I appreciate all you do for this community! Started off using Obsidian by watching your videos, they’ve helped me quite a lot! :slight_smile:

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This is my favorite theme. I noticed that the option to pinch/scroll to increase font size doesn’t seem to work with it, though. Any idea what I would need to change in the CSS to enable that?

I don’t know. that was a strange issue, but I could never figure it out, so started from scratch from the LYT Mode theme.

Is this topic meant to also be for support for @nickmilo 's more recent LYT Mode theme (which I understand to be the next-gen version of Cybertron)?

I was a long-time fan of Cybertron (since the beginning!), but now switched to LYT Mode, which I love, except for one thing: I can’t seem to get bullet vertical lines to show up.

I’ve tried snippets from other topics, but don’t seem to work. Guessing that something in LYT Mode css makes these older snippets not work?

Love any help or pointers

Actually, I was able to resolve this by just taking out the CSS line specifying the default font size.

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Hello, does anyone know how to get the text to print with the Cybertron colors rather than black?

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Hi I am really enjoying this theme except the yellow funny enough. I would love to change the yellow line at the side which highlights the active pane and all yellow headers.

Could someone please help me? I have been a while trying changing the CSS and adding snippets but I am not familiar with how these work. I have found the folder with the snippets and the theme folder but I don’t know where and how I should edit them. The are to many variables to find the once I am interested in. Help would be much appreciated.

There are lots of tutorials on snippets. Refer to those to get started. Here’s the official docs on snippets as a starter.

Cybertron is a little aged, and might not work with the newer versions of Obsidian - just something to be aware of. LYT Mode is the updated version.

Cybertron uses variables to set those two colors. Add this snippet (and activate it!) to change them. You should change red and blue to any color you like, in hex, rgb, or whatever format you have a color in. text-title-h1 is (obviously) the h1 header color, and the interactive-accent will change the active leaf color. Be aware, one or both of these might be used elsewhere, too.

.theme-dark {
  --text-title-h1: red;
  --interactive-accent: blue;

Hope that helps!