CyberGlow Theme

Originally made this for myself but thought that other people may be interested in this style of theme as well. Based originally based on Glow 80s and Obsidianite but now has become it’s own unique theme. Clean, fairly minimalistic, colorful but not too distracting and pleasant to look at.

Available in Obsidian Community Themes‼️

NEW v6.7 Cyber Glow get it here: Releases · ArtexJay/Obsidian-CyberGlow · GitHub



Great work! My theme is also a mash-up of 80’s Neon, CyberTron, reduxed with the colors of Nord. I am such a sucker for the glowing text, IDK what it is. You really did something great here. Definitely going to install this as I sometimes like to get a refreshed view of my vault thru the lens of another theme.

Real question tho: how did you make the copyable code blocks, that’s real slick!

01/04/2021 22:57 EDIT: That plugin popped up out of nowhere, or I just simply scrolled past it. Thanks for making me aware of your theme and this plugin!

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yea it’s a plug in, I think it could be pretty useful for quick copying.

And thanks a lot!

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Really enjoy the enthusiasm here, been toying with it more and more. I might just take your entire theme and Nordify it!

I’ll go ahead and share this with you in case you haven’t stumbled across it on your own journey, it’s a document on GitHub outlining all the CSS we can use to change Obisidan. I found it to be the most help when I redid my graph (see it here), so I thought you might make some use of it!

PS: Totally taking the <hr> code and adding it my theme :+1: :nerd:

Really love this design aesthetic. A big ‘Thank You’ to the creator.

Np, glad you like my theme.
There is a Light theme and highlight revamp coming up among other tweaks and some more glowing especially for callouts.

The theme has been just updated.

NEW v6.7 Cyber Glow get it here: Releases · ArtexJay/Obsidian-CyberGlow · GitHub

Changelog for v6.6-6.7


  • Updated codeblocks colors, background
  • Callouts have a hover/click glow effect
  • Changed the method to achieve the titlebar’s height, this should allow better compatibility with mobile titlebar (FINALLY!)
  • View Action buttons’s spacing fixed
  • Hightlight has subtle glow animation on hover :sunglasses:
  • Better Link visiblity when hovering
  • Blockquote updated to fit the visual style
  • Fixed Code blocks font color in light mode, so the fonts shouldn’t become invisible anymore.
  • Copy Button on changelog, will appear on hover (Can be reverted in next update if users don’t like this change)
  • Light mode has been revamped, the theme is less gray
  • Stylized callouts to be “glowy”, and callouts supports . Will probably replace the old code blocks in the future.
  • Lists displays correctly in reading mode when they follow a numbered list.
  • Minor graphical fixes that got broken following Obsidian updates
  • Updated graph view in the side-panel