Customize "Powered by Obsidian" on graph view

Could we have a site option or any workaround which allow us change the “Powered by Obsidian” text on graph view to other custom text(unicode string)? or hide it?


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This is something that I’d like to have. It feels a bit unfair to be charged such a premium and end up with TWO Obsidian notices in the same screen. Come on. Let me hide it. If I want to promo Obsidian I’ll do it myself.

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Please note how the “Powered by Obsidian” has more opacity than the other text at #fff 0.4

Then there’s this ridiculous thing:


This would feel less of an abuse if I could set the fill opacity to 0 and then use a -highlgith (:hover) fill class, which I know is not implemented.

You can use:

app.graph.renderer.hidePowerTag = true

As of 10/6/2023

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@sol, where do you use this configuration?

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I’d also like to know.

I thought maybe you just put it in publish.css but I’m not sure where. Putting it near the top did not work for me.