Customize context menu - Editor Menu>

Please add a option to customize context menu, i.e editor menu
I know about Commander Plugin, but we can add new Option there,
i want to remove OR hide – default options present in the context menu-editor menu

Use case or problem

Mainly Highlighting, --How?.. I use highlightr plugin, and when I select a word, and right click, I want only Highlight - Colour option to be there,- I dont want other options …
other options become like a visual clutter, every time I right-click, I have to drop-down and then select my highlighting colour…

I usually do-lot of highlighting, and during, studies time- with focus on reading, when right click on text, opens a lot-of menus, it becomes a visual distraction, Just one highlightr option, becomes an easy click – I thought Commander plugin would work, only to find, in plugin there is no option to hide default items in EditorMenu