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Hello guys,
I need a bit of help here. My Obsidian workflow is heavily reliant on PDF Export. As of now, the PDF Export is a bit messy in comparison to your typical PDF Programms. I know that PDF export isn’t the main point of obsidian so thats why im gonna cut it to my main point.
When you have a rather big Markdown file the page formatting is really bad. Tables get sliced, headings start at the end of a page and so on. One thing I found out that works is pasting this fella right here:
<div style="page-break-after: always"></div>

This gives me the ability to force Obsidian to start a new page. My problem is that I would want to be able to paste this line with an easy to use command inline, something like the Natural Language Dates Plugin, where you can just type in @ and have the options to paste something.

I’m having troubles finding out what plugin there is that would give me this kind of accessibility. Any suggestions?

I use templates as snippets for code, phrases, boilerplate text, and Lorem ipsum.

Text in a template can be inserted into a file at any point, without destroying what the file already contains.

I have a keyboard shortcut to open the template chooser and then type a few letters of the template name to select and then insert what I want. It is a super quick and efficient way of managing repetitive instances.


Thanks, this will do it for now. Hopefully though some more elegant way comes out

Hah, calling my method inelegant. How very cruel. :rofl:

Hope someone has a better solution.

Angel :angel:

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