Custom text font goes missing every restart

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to set IBM Plex Mono as my custom font for Interface, Text and Monospace text. It works when I set it up. However, after every restart Obsidian insists that the font is missing and can no longer be found.

I therefore have to repeat these steps:

  1. Navigate to my font files
  2. Install them (right click > Install)
  3. Restart Obsidian
  4. Pick custom fonts

Then it works (until I restart the PC, of course).

Things I have tried

I confirmed that the fonts I try to use are always installed on Windows - they appear in %WINDIR%/Fonts folder:

Do you sync your vault with other devices, which might interfere with the font settings?

The Obsidian folder is not located in a cloud folder like Dropbox or Google Drive, no. I also do not use Obsidian Sync.

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